Giving Is A Part of Us.
Empowering Us to Make An Impact.
And, What Sets Us Apart.

As a firm, BTIG is committed to giving back. As a key component of our corporate identity, it speaks to who we are as an organization and our corporate responsibility to helping those in need.

Each year, BTIG pools our global resources to host the annual BTIG Commissions for Charity Day, where the day’s net commissions are donated to nonprofit organizations. Our clients and celebrity partners help nominate charitable organizations, and many of them support children in need worldwide. Since the event inception in 2003, more than US$40 million in commission profits have been donated to hundreds of charitable organizations. 

Celebrity partners join BTIG for the event to help generate interest and excitement, build momentum and to act as ambassadors for their respective charities of choice. Throughout the trading day, all-star athletes, top-recording artists, celebrities from film and television, along with cultural icons join BTIG’s institutional traders in an effort to help increase donations for a variety of charities throughout our global offices. With the support of our clients, celebrity partners and employees, we are increasingly making an impact year after year to charitable organizations around the world.

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